Pa. hunter charged with firing into home


SEWICKLEY, – A Western Pennsylvania man said he is lucky to be alive after a blast from a hunter’s shotgun tore through his home and nearly hit him.

Phillip Call of Leet Township tells KDKA-TV a shotgun slug passed through the bedroom into the bathroom Thursday, and then through the bathroom door before hitting the molding in the hallway.

He said it was only inches from where he had just paused to speak with a workman in his home.

Sixty-six-year-old William Krueger of Sewickley is charged with firing inside the state-mandated, 150-yard property safety zone and destruction of property. That carries a $1,000 fine and the cost of repairs.

Call said Krueger should be charged with endangerment.

Game Commission Officer Gary Fujak says Krueger has been charged appropriately, but the investigation continues.

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