Basketball on hooves

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It wasn’t the usual basketball game last week in the Trinity High School gymnasium. The clip-clop of donkey hooves mixed with roars of laughter as competitors tried their hardest to stay on their animals during a game of Buckeye Donkey Ball.

While one teacher lay flat on the donkey’s back with arms wrapped around its neck to stay on, another student slid off the animal’s back and toppled to the ground. The crowd’s cheers fueled the participants as they tried to make baskets while riding a donkey.

Four teams made up of teachers and students from McGuffey, Washington and Trinity high schools competed Thursday in a fundraiser held by Trinity senior student council members to raise money for their senior prom. A portion of their proceeds went to the student councils of the other districts whose teams participated.

The competitors were supposed to ride their donkeys down the court to score points, but a few of the animals dug in their heels and had to be pulled down the court by their riders. Teams had five minutes to score as many points as possible before going into a sudden death overtime. Although few points were scored, spectators and competitors shared a lot of laughs while raising money for the student councils.

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