No shortcuts, no quickies

No shortcuts, no quickies

December 3, 2012

The Nov. 19 editorial, “Welcome public input on spending,” highlights the fact that Greene County’s responsible municipal officials have not asked the public for input on how Act 13 gas-drilling impact fees will be spent.

That is nothing new. Historically, it is the way stuff is done here.

As an example, several years ago, 50 people joined a five-team task force to study, analyze and identify the best solution to problems with the Waynesburg-Morrisville traffic corridor. At the get-go, one restriction was placed on the task force – a Route 19/Route 21 bypass was not to be considered as a viable solution.

Remarkably, each team pursued a different proposal. Working diligently for 18 months, the task force reduced the proposals from five to two. Alas, before the final choice could be made, the task force was abruptly dissolved without further adieu.

The editorial’s last paragraph reads: “A formal public input process, with hearings and testimony, is not necessary. Just a simple announcement that anyone with ideas should submit them would suffice.”

Oddly enough, that is pretty much how stuff is done here in Greene County. However, to meaningfully promote the general welfare of municipalities in these parts, strict adherence to unabridged Robert’s Rules of Order is a must. No shortcuts, no sneaky Petes and no quickies.

Paul Lagojda



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