Santorum finds a new job

December 4, 2012

Since the Nov. 6 election, many pundits and some Republicans have been arguing that the GOP needs to inch back toward the sensible center if it hopes to have election nights anytime soon that don’t end in heartbreak.

Rick Santorum is, clearly, not quite on the same page.

Pennsylvania’s former U.S. senator, who was turned out of office in 2006 by almost 20 points, has signed on as a columnist for the far-right website World Net Daily. Billing itself as an “independent news network,” the site could perhaps be described more accurately as a home for cranks and loons peddling conspiracies. It hawked the tales that President Obama was born in Kenya, despite overwhelming evidence that he, in fact, was born in Hawaii. More recently, it has been reporting that the president is secretly gay.

Santorum will be joining a roster of columnists that includes former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, who generated headlines a decade ago for such remarks as “the biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners” and has since admitted that he was using steroids in his brief time in the majors.

It was an exceptionally weak field, but Santorum ran surprisingly well in this year’s Republican presidential primaries. The smart money has him trying again in 2016. Before then, he might want to remember that advice about being known by the company you keep.



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