: Dec. 8

December 7, 2012


Charged in theft: Travis Johne Hallam, 19, last known address 1209 Sycamore St., Washington, was arraigned before District Judge Ethan Ward Friday on a theft charge for allegedly stealing a bottle of Oxycontin tablets while he was a guest at a residence on Groby Road. Hallam was already in the Washington County jail serving time for separate charges when he was arraigned.


Jailed in assault: Ronald Paul Knochel, 53, of Washington, was charged by state police with simple assault for an altercation that occurred Thursday at 618 Best Ave. in Canton Township in which he allegedly threw Ronald Leroy Knochel, 77, of Washington, against a wall several times before throwing him to the ground. The younger Knochel was arraigned before District Judge Ethan Ward and placed in the Washington County jail.

Credit card fraud: Aubrey Eakin told state police her credit card was lost or stolen and later used at a BP gas station on West Chestnut Street.


Credit card fraud: Janelle Hancher of Washington told North Franklin police her credit card was used Sunday for unauthorized purchases in North Carolina and South Carolina in the amount of $3,000.


Garage vandalized: Joseph Sanders told Southwest Regional police someone cut power to the garage at his home at 1100 Davidson Ave., removed the door and trashed the interior of the garage early Thursday.

Threatened with gun: Matthew Nowak, 21, told Southwest Regional police a vehicle began tailgating him while he was driving on Finleyville Elrama Road Wednesday. After Nowak pulled over, a white man with a shaved head exited the second vehicle, a late-model Chrysler 300, and ran toward Nowak’s vehicle wielding what he described as a machine gun.



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