Shame on Brad Roae

December 7, 2012

Shame on Brad Roae. Granted, his letter to the editor of Nov. 19 (“New Contract Should be Fair”) was his opinion; however, it was a very poorly informed one based on spin and constructed of the type of language that causes misunderstanding.

Our economy is suffering across the board; higher education is no exception. It is extremely difficult to get a stable position as a professor at a college or university today – not to mention a lot of education – and what Mr. Roae describes as “12 hours of teaching each week is ‘full time’” reflects his lack of knowledge of what professors actually do. I could make further comments on his letter, but suffice it to say that if people were to know all of the facts of this situation they would agree that one might object to, for example, having their pay being cut to 65 percent of what it presently is, which is part of the cuts that the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education is proposing for some faculty.

Lisa DePaoli



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