Baldwin as Sherman

December 8, 2012

Daniel Day-Lewis has been rounding up deserved accolades for his performance as the nation’s 16th president in “Lincoln,” but it was up to fellow thespian Alec Baldwin last week to play General William Tecumseh Sherman.

Despite never having served in political office before or fulfilled any kind of administrative function, Baldwin took himself out of the running to succeed Michael Bloomberg as New York City’s mayor.

We know. It’s news that makes women weep and men turn to strong drink.

“I didn’t have time because I’m doing the TV show now and I have other commitments,” said Baldwin, who stars with Tina Fey in the NBC-TV series “30 Rock.”

It may not be the rhetorical equivalent of Sherman’s “I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected,” but Baldwin’s exit at least guarantees that the three-ring circus that will be Gotham’s 2013 mayoral election will be minus one clown.



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