End good old boy politics

End good old boy politics

December 8, 2012

I was pleased to see the editorial staff of this newspaper supports the view that the public should have a say in how impact fees from Act 13 will be spent.� I also agree that while a formal public input process, with hearings and testimony, is not necessary, I completely disagree that just a simple announcement that anyone with ideas should submit them would suffice.�

I also take exception to your statement, “We have no issue with how the county or township plans to spend the money and feel sure it is being used well.”� The proposed list of projects does meet the Act 13 restrictions on uses of the money, and while I do not completely disagree with the way the impact fees are being allocated, there is a huge difference between allocations that are good and allocations that would be the best use of the funds.

It is time for �good old boy politics� to come to an end. The county commissioners sought no public input of any kind before making the announcement of how the $3.1 million of Act 13 impact fees would be spent. While Cumberland Township supervisors made no efforts to request input from their constituents, they did, however, contact all the volunteer fire departments within the township to inquire of their needs.

Our local volunteer fire companies are the best and they deserve our 100 percent support. However, according to PA Act 65 Section 702, �secrecy in public affairs undermines the faith of the public in government�. In order for elected officials to provide opportunity to the people they were elected to represent to �witness the deliberation, policy formulation and decision making, they must cease making decisions prior to regular public meetings and formulating policy in parking lots. The time has come for elected officials to stop the fainaigue and remember they were elected as representatives, not career politians.

Cindy Lee Cumpston



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