A thing of the past

December 8, 2012

I noticed, over 15 years ago, that a few auto drivers, primarily young folk, were not using their turn-signal devices when changing lanes or turning at intersections. I assumed that it was a so-called fad! No – it’s been endemic for years. It began before cell phones/texting were in common usage. Recently I saw this non-use by a Pittsburgh cop – twice within one block; also, an 18-wheeler on Interstate 43. I’ve even seen so-called state police disdain this left arm motion!

I think that I know why this has continued. It’s so difficult to do and it does, really, require a keen understanding of vehicular speeds and movements. More interesting to me, however, is that I have not heard anyone, except once on the radio, comment on this behavior. I’ve belonged to AAA for a long time, and it’s never mentioned. However, cell phone use in one’s vehicle is a constant in the media, and the Legislature enacted a no-textng law. There is a solution. When one purchases a vehicle and chooses not to use this difficult-to-use device, the potential owner should have it removed. But, only when they are forced to slowly say the words “Ralph Nader.”

J.K. Folmar I



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