Three joys of age

  • December 9, 2012

I note with approval the letter you published Nov. 29 from Jeremiah Bradley about young people. I am therefore inspired to add these corollaries to those thoughts.

A couple days ago, I took a fairly close look at myself in the mirror and realized, somewhat to my surprise, that I was no longer 25 years old. One uncle of mine, a number of years ago, gave me some very sound advice – he said I should always make lemonade out of lemons. In keeping with this little philosophy, I realize I have three great joys in my sunset years to look forward to:

1. I get to criticize the young.

2. I get to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

3. I get to flatter women outrageously without fear of retaliation.

Daniel E. Long


Three joys of age


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