Police get search warrant for PSU frat window fall

December 10, 2012

STATE COLLEGE (AP) — State College police have obtained a search warrant as they investigate a woman’s fall from a Penn State University fraternity house earlier this month.

WJAC-TV says the warrant shows police have seized blood evidence to determine whether the 19-year-old woman fell or was pushed form the Sigma Alpha Mu frat house early Dec. 1.

Police say the woman was treated at a hospital after falling eight feet from the window after having six shots of tequila. Nobody has been charged in the incident.

The woman’s fall is the second involving Penn State in recent months.

Penn State cheerleader Paige Raque fell 39 feet from an apartment window during an off-campus party Oct. 13, breaking her pelvis and suffering brain trauma.

Police are still investigating that incident, too.



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