No decent Christmas decorations

December 10, 2012

Just responding to how poor the Christmas decorations look in downtown Washington.

I’m from this area and I’m totally embarrassed how Washington cannot put up some decent decorations. You see areas like Canonsburg and Claysville have respectable decorations and they’re all lit up, too. I was at the Christmas parade last Friday night and it was so dark up there, either half the Christmas lights were not even working or the street lights were dim. Everyone should have been carrying a flashlight or candle while the parade went by.

If you can’t put up decent Christmas decorations, you might as well not even put them up at all. It would be nice if everyone would chip in to buy some decent Christmas decorations. I would be willing to help make a contribution to buy decent decorations and make the downtown area respectable when driving through during the holiday season. This would be a nice surprise for future hoilday seasons.

Todd Williams



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