Fix drilling problems

December 10, 2012

Not very close to us, drilling in Alaska for oil is a significant issue.

Are you in favor of drilling in Alaska? How can we possibly provide a sustainable way to drill without harming the people, animals, and environment of Alaska? The simple answer is that there is no way to create a system of drilling that is 100 percent safe and sustainable.

Research has found that directional and extended-reach drilling is a technology that will enhance the safety of species. The Minerals Management Service must be improved with the help of funding from the government. There is a distributive justice problem, but we have to realize the benefits to us all from drilling. I disagree with drilling that is unsustainable; however, a plan to fix these problems will make this process worthwhile. We need this energy source if we continue to live the way we are, relying heavily on oil.

Kelsey Fox


Fix drilling problems


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