No fire trucks in parade

December 10, 2012

Parades are a time for individuals, groups, businesses and organizations to join together and express the meaning of a particular holiday. A parade brings people out of their homes and daily routine to watch, enjoy and get in the spirit.

There is a lot of time, money, effort and coordination involved to put a float in a parade, which is done without a second thought. It is all done just to see the kids’ eyes light up and see their parents start to dance when they hear Christmas music.

Then, all of that time, money, effort and coordination is ruined due to the ear-piercing sounds of sirens and horns that don’t have one Christmas light or decoration. Fire trucks do not belong in a Christmas parade, unless they are decorated with sirens off.

And when I was a kid, Santa came in a sleigh.

It is very clear that city managers didn’t make wise decisions when they let participants throw candy and the kids ran out in front of the floats to get it. This carries a very high risk of a serious accident.

To put it kindly, wake up city managers!

Steve Presto

West Finley

No fire trucks in parade


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