Christian groups slighted

December 11, 2012

First off, let me applaud all the groups that came out Friday night to be part of the Christmas parade in downtown Washington. It was a miserable, rainy night, but those groups didn’t want to disappoint the people of Washington by not showing up.

However, what was a disappointment was the article in Saturday’s newspaper. The article was nice enough, but it was pointedly void of any photos or mention of the religious groups represented in the parade. This is not the first year these groups have been omitted in the article, and it appears to me that this is an intentional slight on behalf of the Observer-Reporter. Could it possibly be that your newspaper is trying to be politically correct by not mentioning Christian groups to avoid offending others? If so, you have offended me, and, may I say, other Christians who worked hard, spent money and endured over two hours of rainy weather to be a part of this CHRISTmas parade. So, I would like to take this time to mention the fact that there were at least eight Christian organizations represented in the parade, and if it were not for Christ, there would be no Christmas parade.

Debora Schneider


Christian groups slighted


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