Peterswood Park for sale

December 12, 2012

Peterswood Park is for sale. At a price of $240,000, you can buy three to four acres of improved land with no future tax burden or maintenance expense. The taxpayers of Peters Township will pay upwards of $750,000 for the improvements you specify. To qualify, you simply need to secure a spot on the parks and recreation board so your agenda can be pushed through by your friends.

Do not worry about the Peters Township Council. Despite having authority to override the parks and recreation board’s decisions, they won’t, for fear of setting a precedent that they would have to weigh in on future issues.

If this sounds too good to be true, watch the proceedings of the Dec. 10 council meeting. There, you will see that the Peters Township Soccer Association accomplished just that! Kudos PTSA. Your negotiations rival that of the Louisiana Purchase!!

Shame on you, Peters Township Council, for allowing yourselves to be blackmailed by a special interest group who pushed through their agenda under the auspices of creating a multi-use field, and then threatened to withhold their payment when asked to share the field with other established users.

Despite a letter from Shaw, the turf manufacturer, supported by detailed testimony showing clearly that the PTSA’s fear of potential turf damage was unfounded, you neglected your fiduciary responsibility and allowed your previous decision to be overturned at their whim. The PTSA was not asked to substantiate their fears of damage. They simply needed to say they did not want other users on the field. There has been no response to concerns posed about folding chairs, coffee, Gatorade or dogs, which the manufacturer states will absolutely cause damage to the playing surface because those concerns are not being voiced by someone with a check. If the intent is purely to protect the investment made in the field, why are these issues not being addressed? Why is the focus on use of equipment that has been proven will cause no harm?

While the cross country team can now look forward to a new course in another soon-to-be-beautified area of the park, I walk away baffled that public land can be sold so easily.

We don’�t have to look very far to understand the problems we have in Washington, D.C.

Barbara Wehn



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