Cal U.’s Convocation Center to close for Tatum movie

Photo of Andy McNeil
By Andy McNeil
Staff Writer

California University of Pennsylvania will close its Convocation Center and other parts of campus starting Sunday while scenes for a major motion picture are being filmed.

Much to the chagrin of fans – namely female students – hoping to get close to Channing Tatum, lead actor in the forthcoming film “Foxcatcher,” no one will be allowed into the 6,000-seat building without appropriate credentials from Sunday to Dec. 23.

During this time, the Loop Road from the Hamer Crossing to Lot 11 and the lower portion of Lot 4 also will be closed, according to a Cal U. news release. Access to portions of Gallagher Hall will be restricted Wednesday through Friday, and the River Lot will be set aside for movie extras Thursday and Friday.

“Obviously, I can’t discuss specifics. But I can tell you that the university is very excited about this opportunity to interact with Pittsburgh’s film industry,” said Cal U. spokeswoman Christine Kindl. “It’s another creative use for our Convocation Center, and we’re looking forward to having the film crew on campus.”

On Tuesday, spectators gathered near a movie set in the parking lot of Citizens Library in Washington to catch a glimpse of the “Magic Mike” star in action. The film also features Mark Ruffalo, Steve Carell and Sienna Miller in the true-life story of John E. duPont, the chemical industry multimillionaire who shot and killed David Schultz, a wrestler and 1984 Olympic gold medalist.

Those at Cal U. who haven’t caught Tatum-fever are in luck, the final commencement ceremony of the fall semester wraps up today.

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