Judicial system losing integrity

December 15, 2012

It appears that Alaskan newspapers are more acrimonious to former Judge Paul Pozonsky, who retired under a looming grand jury investigation into the workings of his office, than your publication.

In any event, we see the trappings of merit selection when those in power choose to put people in positions of authority as occurred in Alaska. You would think the attorney general’s office would have spoken by now to either dispel any thought of prosecution or, to the contrary, bring about an indictment. Or maybe there was an arrangement no one wishes to address.

In the meantime, the general public continues to lose its faith in the integrity of our judicial system, with a judge exposed to a grand jury investigation, another accused of transcript tampering and another accused of behavior unbecoming of a judge as the Superior Court recently decided about Judge John DiSalle in the case of Swarrow vs. Brasuhn (decided November 2012).

In 30 years of practicing law, I have never seen a judge so excoriated by the Superior Court but for your last published case concerning Richard Dunn. That was also a Judge DiSalle decision.

It appears some judges believe they deserve unquestioned respect instead of earning it the old-fashioned way, through their performance. Our system appears to be losing integrity daily. How can the general public respect our judicial system when the very people responsible for its administration leave such dark shadows?

Chuck Kurowski


Judicial system losing integrity


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