Apocalypse now?

December 15, 2012

Once again, the countdown to doomsday is upon us. This time, it will be an environmental holocaust of epic proportions. Apocalypse 2012 is scheduled for Dec. 21. Mass extinction will be attributed to comets, earthquakes, hurricanes, radiation or volcanic eruptions. Possibly a combination thereof. Aren’t you tired of psychologically preparing to die?

In the meantime, ’tis the season, so continue to shop as if Christmas will arrive.

I sense it’s just another false alarm, but what if I’m wrong? What or who could survive such devastation? Better laugh while you still can.

If by chance we live to see Dec. 22, breathe a temporary sigh of relief, because sooner or later it will be doomsday all over again.

Eric W. Hull


Apocalypse now?


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