Leave Pozonsky alone

Leave Pozonsky alone

December 16, 2012

Isn’t it time that Paul Pozonsky is allowed to get on with his life?

The Observer-Reporter is treating this guy like he’s John Dillinger. He’s been the subject of front-page articles for six months, and each story is basically rehashing the previous one. Until the state attorney general decides to release information, there’s no story.

I don’t know why he resigned and neither, apparently, does Linda Metz, or I assume she would have included that information in her reports. What I do know is Pozonsky is a decent guy and the Observer-Reporter has crossed a line in reporting personal information about his wife, his in-laws and what he’s doing with his (earned) pension – all with a not-so-subtle accusatory tone.

I think you’re trying to create news; you should stick to reporting it.

Don Deangelis



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