Reach out to loners

December 17, 2012

We’ve been through it all before.

Are there too many guns around? Of course. Readers of this paper know that there’s a gun reported stolen – basically, given free to a criminal – almost every other day. But new laws wouldn’t have stopped the tragedy in Connecticut. And, surprise, the shooter was a weird loner. Aren’t they all?

In this season, Christians celebrate the birth of someone who came for all people, but especially for the outcasts, the rejects, the most flawed, the disgusting people, the losers. As we send our prayers to the families in their loss, maybe we can also renew our calling to reach out to the loners and losers. Maybe I can be or you can be the one who can touch that person through all the negativity or hate or hurt or whatever has trapped them and send a message of understanding and love that sets them free. That’s what God did at Christmas. That’s what the world needs.

The Rev. Gerard H. Weiss



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