Arm school employees

December 18, 2012

I am sick and tired of these school shootings. It is time to fix the reason why they occur.

Did you ever notice that these mass killings almost always occur in a school, which by current law is a gun-free zone? That tells me that nobody is going to shoot back if someone decides to start shooting at people.

These psychotic killers are no doubt evil, but they are not dumb. You don’t see them shoot people at police stations, gun clubs or military bases, or at the White House or Congress. Why? Because if they do attack these places, people will shoot them.

I propose that school employees be allowed, if they want, to have access to their own guns at work, where students cannot get to them, to protect students and themselves from killers and other bad people until the police can come.

I am sure that laws can be changed to allow this to occur if the government really wants to protect children from these killers. As for anyone who wants to just take all the guns away, well, these liberals must just want to have more innocent children and adults killed. Because gun control does not work. It just causes more death.

There was an incident in Norway in 2011 where one crazy killed 69 people. Gun control did not work there.

When the settlers were taming this country and the Indians attacked, do you think that having a gun-free and bow-and-arrow-free zone would have worked? No. Killers are not dumb. Liberals have given them the gift of gun-free zones where they can hunt their prey like shooting fish in a barrel. No one is safe there.

It is time to end this stupidity. It is time to arm school employees. They are the first line of defense to protect our children. Let them.

Mickey Falappi



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