Another Great Awakening needed

December 18, 2012

Americans are reeling in astonishment and grief over the latest massacre in our schools. Do pray for and comfort those in the midst of the horror and loss. Humanity at large is amazed and must ponder the question, “How, being so civilized, can these depths of evil be with us?”

The search is on to affix blame. But look no further. Pogo identified the central problem: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

An old proverb declares, “Show me your companions, and I’ll describe your character.” Let’s review the common companions of young adults in today’s culture:

1. Moral relativism

2. Evolution

3. Disregard for life

4. Exploitation of sexuality

5. Tuned into me, tuned off to you

What manner of character might you expect from such companions?

What America needs is a third Great Awakening, to repent and return to God – the God of the Bible. The Bible says in the last days, men will be lovers of self and cold to one another as lawlessness abounds. Yet God has not changed. His love, mercy and forgiveness continue today.

John H. Miller


Another Great Awakening needed


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