Wise men still seek him

Wise men continue to seek, rejoice in Jesus

December 20, 2012

Someone once estimated that we each spend at least one year of our lives searching for lost things. Even more than that, we find ourselves searching for peace, happiness and satisfaction in our lives.

In both cases, we frequently come up empty. What’s the remedy for our search? The wise men of Matthew 2:1-12 give us the answer.

Wise men still seek Jesus. Motivated by their search of Old Testament prophecy and the Jewish people’s watch for the Messiah, these astrologers traveled some 800 miles from present day Iran and Iraq to Jerusalem, diligently seeking the infant king and guided by an unusual star. Their persistent search was rewarded.

The same is true today. Wise people still seek Jesus. In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the father but by me.” There is only one path leading to heaven, eternal life and forgiveness of sin: Jesus Christ.

John 3:16 tells us that God loved each of us so much that he gave “his one and only unique son” to come to this earth and ultimately pay the price on the cross of Calvary for the sins of mankind. If we want to be truly wise, our search will lead us to Jesus and his gracious free gift of forgiveness and eternal life, without which no one will enter God’s heaven (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

Wise men still rejoice in Jesus. When the wise men left Jerusalem and relocated the star, the Bible tells us they rejoiced with “exceeding great joy,” similar to the joyous exuberance we sometimes see on Christmas morning when a child receives just the gift they wanted. We can have that same kind of joy when we place our faith and trust in Christ. This joy comes when we know we have been delivered from God’s wrath: eternal separation from God in hell and eternal self-payment of the penalty of sin. True joy is found only in the Savior. We now have peace with God. This redemption gives us reason to rejoice continuously. If you have found him, let that joy be seen in this joyless world.

Wise men still worship Jesus. The wise men’s search led them to a house where they find the young child, Jesus, with his mother. Their immediate response was worship, which means “to give honor, reverence, glory, worth, to fall prostrate before.” Submission, humility and service are all found in this word.

Who or what do you really worship? Other people, material possessions, money or even self can be objects of our worship. The Bible repeatedly tells us that God alone deserves our worship. Philippians 2:11-13 tells us that some day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. When we stand before him some day, he will either be our savior or our judge. How will Jesus get your worship?

Wise men still give to Jesus. The Bible tells us that the wise men did not give normal toddler gifts to Jesus, but rather priceless gold , frankincense and myrrh – costly, imported fragrances fit only for a king. We already know that God’s gift to us – the gift of Jesus Christ, his son – is the best gift of all. Hopefully you have chosen to receive that gift. After we receive God’s gift of salvation through Christ, we would be wise to give our lives to his service each and every day (Romans 12:1, 2).

Wise people still seek, rejoice in, worship and give to Jesus. Are you a 21st-century wise person? Do not let him get lost or misplaced in your life. Seek him today while he still can be found. Wise men still seek him.

Bob Kulp is pastor of Grace Brethren Church of Washington.



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