Soap opera review

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December 21, 2012

The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke was flabbergasted over being confronted over her feelings for Bill, who was pressed by Taylor to admit he betrayed Katie by kissing Brooke. Brooke confessed and apologized to Katie. Caroline threatened Steffy not to cross a Spencer while dating another Spencer. Bill’s attitude toward her loved ones

surprised Katie. Rick turned down Brooke’s offer to help him tell Hope about his deception. Hope was surprised by what Bill had to say. Bill tried to ensure Caroline didn’t say too much. Hope was taken aback by Rick’s confession and tried to find Liam to tell him why they were no longer together. Liam and Steffy reunited after he returned early from a business trip. Pam and Eric made preparations for their first Christmas without Stephanie. Steffy got overconfident over winning the fashion challenge and her relationship with Liam. Rick credited Caroline with his aspirations to be a better man. Hope told Liam about Rick’s deception and apologized to him for doubting his loyalty.

Days of our Lives: Kristen faked a nightmare while in bed with Brady, who pressed her to find out what it was about, and she confessed her fear their affair would be discovered. Marlena asked Hope to test Brady’s relationship with Kristen. Sami met with EJ and was surprised at all the Christmas presents for Johnny and Sydney from friends and associates. EJ arranged for the excess toys to be donated to charity, giving Sami a view of him rarely seen. Lucas interrupted Daniel and Jennifer’s kiss, and she put her brother in his place. Sami nearly overheard Kristen confessing to EJ about her affair. EJ’s declaration of loyalty to the DiMeras impressed Sami. Kristen’s ploy prompted Brady to push for a commitment. Jennifer caught Kristen and Brady kissing, and he tried to explain to her how the affair started and got her to keep it a secret. Will confided in Lucas about his fight with Sonny, and a misunderstanding ensued. Nick and Gabi had their first pre-Cana session with Eric, and he admitted his hurt over her telling Will first about her pregnancy. John and Marlena got wind of it, and Marlena wondered if the silence was because of shame. Caroline saw a downturn in Eric after he returned from Africa, and Nicole questioned him over his torment. Chad and Abigail bonded over their romantic travails and made plans for a date. Rafe and Sami reminisced, and she later confided to Caroline her feelings for the two men in her life. Rafe witnessed EJ and Sami’s connection. Kayla told Abe not to make any plans for Christmas. Chad and Cameron decided to get to know each other.

General Hospital: Anna and Duke found Robert’s life in danger. Patrick watched the video Robin made for him last Christmas Eve telling him of her condition and urging him to find someone. Britt grilled Elizabeth about her relationship with Patrick. Liz discovered the Christmas DVD she bought the kids was missing. Felix and Sabrina learned Lucy could not help with the Nurses’ Ball. Maxie tried to come to terms with her misgivings over her impending surrogacy, which she confessed to Spinelli.Connie told Todd of Johnny’s plan to turn himself in and warned he may be implicated. Alexis told Connie they’d be sued if they published Molly’s book. Michael and Sonny confronted AJ. Alexis was surprised when Maxie presented an agreement for everyone to sign regarding responsibilities for the potential baby. Continuing visions of a dog-baby worried Olivia. Ellie once again caught Spinelli and Maxie together and stormed off. AJ and Tracy vied for Sam’s support in their ELQ battle. Lucy came to loggerheads with Monica and Alice. Felix and Sabrina got in a bind with Patrick and Britt. Lucy made a surprising offer. Sonny hosted a Christmas Eve dinner. AJ hoped Michael would show up. Someone wound up in the hospital. Connie lusted for Sonny. Carly pressed Connie as to Johnny’s whereabouts. Todd and Carly resolved to have a festive Christmas Eve.

The Young and the Restless: Nick told Avery he bought a new club and was excited to have Noah work with him. Sharon admitted to Nick she was going to run away with Faith but decided to come back. Sharon admitted to Avery that she was bipolar and that she set Victor’s house on fire. Victor vowed to find incriminating evidence on Sharon, but Adam got him to reconsider, and Sharon told him to stop helping her for the good of his marriage, which was falling apart anyway. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to focus on their fashion business and told Kevin that Gloria invested in a racehorse instead. Adam reiterated his love for Chelsea, who didn’t reciprocate. Jack apologized to Phyllis and admitted he needed her help. Jamie accepted Michael and Lauren’s offer to stay with them instead of a group home. Katherine collapsed after Jill suggested she give Tucker another chance. Victor denied telling the press about Adam’s pill problem. Neil told Leslie that Jack planned to fold Jabot into Newman Enterprises. Tyler made his pitch to the Jabot team, which Devon and Lily liked but Jack didn’t. Cane introduced himself to Tyler as Lily’s husband. Leslie was stunned to find out Neil quit.



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