Three problems for America

December 21, 2012

America is being assailed by three problems fostered by the Obama administration.

The national debt is just the collections of loans and liabilities owed to creditors. Progressives and liberals might use the euphemism “investments,” but in the end these are long-term loans for short-term expenditures. Investment loans mean that the money borrowed is for assets that will generate revenue for years to come. For example, a carpenter may buy a saw on credit because the profits from cutting wood will exceed the cost of purchase plus interest.

Our president and Congress don’t invest; they squander. They appease voting blocs by giving away benefits to some at the cost of perpetual debt to others. Every loan has terms, conditions and pledges of collateral beneficial to the lenders. Each budget imbalance means American politicians have to render goods or service to the foreign creditors either granting them assets outright or adjusting policies and agendas via treaties beneficial to these foreign concerns. Perhaps this is why China kept receiving most favored nation status.

Free trade is deleterious to our economy. Our factories cannot compete against lower wages, lower regulations and lower taxation. American businesses are burdened and fettered with restrictive regulations, dictatorial agencies and bureaus demanding compliance and a higher rate of taxation than other countries competing for capital and investment. When the astronomical cost of Obamacare and cap-and-trade forced upon American businesses, factories will flee and the small businesses will be unable to thrive. Liberals don’t seem to realize there actually is a straw that will break the camel’s back and the golden eggs will cease when the goose is killed.

Our president, state department and Congress are now trying to pass more of these treaties for nations in Asia, South America and Africa and giving all future power to another, non-elected foreign commission.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now the most virulent anti-blue collar organization as well as the most virulent anti-factory organization in the world. Whether the EPA’s policies are to achieve Lenin’s dream of controlling production via control of combustion or by means of giving the “too big to fail” bailout recipients the right to sell government issued carbon ration cards, or if the environmental extremism enacted by this tyrannical agency is just a condition for more foreign loans we might never know.

But whatever the real reasons, it is apparent that the policies of this congress and administration seem to only benefit the interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China at the cost of the peace, prosperity and freedoms of American citizens.

Michael Guy


Three problems for America


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