Court cases

  • December 23, 2012

The following people recently appeared in Washington County Court on charges of driving under the influence. They were:

Jonathan T. Houston, 22, of 4080 Park Ave., Prosperity; third DUI offense, driving with a suspended license DUI-related, accidents involving damage; charged Dec. 28 after found asleep in a vehicle on Pike Peak Road in South Franklin Township with a 0.186 percent blood-alcohol content; sentence – 1 year and 3 months to 2 years in jail, $3,800 in fines, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, driver’s license suspension.

Mark A. Bobak, 46, of 3475 Ivy Hill Lane, Finleyville; second DUI offense; charged June 14 following a traffic stop on Main Street in Bentleyville, no BAC listed; sentence – Intermediate Punishment Program for 6 months with the first 30 days on electronic home monitoring and SCRAM, $300 fine, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, driver’s license suspension.

Jarrod D. Reagle, 27, of 2491 Huntington Drive, Pittsburgh; second DUI offense; charged Dec. 26 following a one-vehicle accident on Fawcett Church Road in Cecil, testing positive for morphine; sentence – Intermediate Punishment Program for 23 months with the first four months in a rehabilitation facility, $1,500 fine, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, driver’s license suspension.

Abdul L. Jordan, 29, of 135 Liberty St., California; first DUI offense; charged Oct. 22, 2011, following a traffic stop on Third Street in California with a 0.062 BAC and testing positive for drugs; sentence – 6 months of probation with the first 10 days on electronic home monitoring, $1,000 fine, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, driver’s license suspension.

Matthew Ditullio, 26, of 229 Barr St., Canonsburg; second DUI offense; charged June 14 following a traffic stop on Spruce Street in Canonsburg with a 0.154 BAC; sentence – 30 days to 6 months in jail, $750 fine, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, driver’s license suspension.

Numerous people were admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for first-time DUI offenses. If they successfully complete the program, they can petition the court to have their records expunged.

They were: Ashlee K. Martinek, 24, of 747 Hertzog St., California; Terry L. Adams, 44, of 280 Vaneal Road, Washington; Nicole A. O’Hara, 30, of 53 Aylesworth Ave., Washington; David T. Preskar, 23, of 12 Woessner St., Pittsburgh; Samantha M. Slagle, 26, of 5226 Baptist Road, Pittsburgh; Jonathan M. Armstrong, 26, of 431 Lark Tree Circle, Bridgeville; Joan M. Edwards, 53, of 232 Liekar Lane, Houston; Adam M. Johnson, 39, of 313 Laurel Hills Drive, Steubenville, Ohio; Dylan T. Zuzak, 19, of 207 Linden Creek Road, Canonsburg; Roger A. Delre, 61, of 213 Linn Ave., Washington; Jesse R. Garshak, 31, of 1404 Village Lane, West Mifflin; Coury E. Miles, 27, of 127 Scott Road, Eighty Four; James A. Ellis Jr., 23, of 72 Leet St., Washington; Dylan J. Huseman, 21, of 2273 Belmont Ave., Washington; Dennis J. Kurowski, 24, of 35 Cherry St., Ellsworth; Kenneth P. McMasters, 46, of 320 Deerfield Road, Washington; Jody K. Orgovan, 42, of 3653 Brightway, Weirton, W.Va.; Daniel J. Bredniak, 27, of 155 Highland Ave. Ext., Avella; Shayna L. Cain, 26, of 1937 Seaside Lane, Monongahela; Steven J. Cheesman, 21, of 126 Main St., Apt. A, Bentleyville; Matthew K. McTeague, 34, of 106 Woodland Terrace, St. Clairsville, Ohio; Hobart J. Moore Jr., 21, of 216 Pineview Drive, Canonsburg; Karen Y. Quarture, 48, of 160 Charles St., Washington; Michael C. Anesetti, 48, of 348 Morganza Road, Canonsburg; Beau D. Bergles, 31, of 75 Timber Lake Road, Claysville; Gregory Vogt, 52, of 1110 Royal Drive, Apt. 236, Library; Jose C. West, 26, of 1394 Gabby Ave., Washington; Andrew M. Thompson, 21, of 202 Abbey Brook Lane, Venetia; Edward Lee, 52, of 698 Maple Drive, Monongahela; Brandon M. Parish, 22, of 309 Park Ave., Monongahela; David McAdams, 71, of 1066 Beech St. Ext., Washington; Melinda M. Nelson, 26, of 109 E Drive, Clarksville; Jamie M. Smith, 26, of 407 Carothers Ave., Carnegie; Douglas A. Petrock, 39, of 106 Nellie Road, Vanderbilt; Larry E. Strawn, 56, of 744 Buena Vista St., Washington; Anastasia M. Takach, 32, of 1468 Meadowbrook Drive, Canonsburg; Audie D. Moore, 58, of 308 Roupe Road, Eighty Four; Roberta T. Moore, 29, of 1275 WW Railroad Road, Sycamore; Thomas R. Moore III, 20, of 1821 W. Chestnut St., Washington; Brian L. Hawkins, 47, of 16 Brown St., Southview; Dana R. Dodson, 39, of 105 Old National Pike, West Alexander; Seeta S. Davidek, 33, of 1411 Grandview Ave., Apt. 507, Pittsburgh; and Rodney G. Maze Jr., 26, of 6 Valleyview Drive, Washington.


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