Winter storms need no names

December 25, 2012

Late last week and into the weekend, we got our first burst of winter weather and a covering of snow.

While caution is, of course, in order when frozen precipitation is swirling around, we sometimes recoil from the over-the-top television coverage that often accompanies it. Standard-issue winter weather gets blown up to blizzard-level proportions, with accompanying scrambles to the grocery store for provisions.

And now the Weather Channel has taken the winter-weather frenzy up a notch by naming winter storms, just like hurricanes. The storm last week was christened “Draco.”

A headline on the channel’s website about “Draco’s Wrath” didn’t summon images of icy horror as much as it did an old, long-lost spaghetti Western. Hmm … “Draco’s Wrath.” Didn’t that one star Lee Van Cleef?

We’ve survived for hundreds of years with winter storms coming and going in anonymity. If they remain nameless, we’ll likely survive for hundreds more.



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