Reason is preferable to alternatives

December 25, 2012

If only the solutions offered in last Wednesday’s letters to the editor were possible, we could abandon all rational thought, each have new cars and let the military run the educational system. I would love a new car. Give the schoolmarm a gun – sure, what could go wrong? Awaken to religion-based government? Why not, it works so well in the Middle East.

As difficult as it is to use reason in our daily lives, it is far preferable to the moral absolutism of a theocracy and the harsh authority required to sustain repressive rule. For those frightened by evolution and sexuality, pick up a book and learn more; don’t suppress what you don’t understand. The teachers should concentrate on critical-thinking lessons, not the paranoia caused by carrying a weapon, much less the anxiety of having something so dangerous so close to children.

And, speaking of distractions, what 8-year-old is going to sit still while real, live soldiers are walking past a classroom door?

The logic of buying a car on credit to help the economy does not make sense for everyone, but it does make sense for our government to temporarily use a deficit to stimulate a slow-moving economy. Buying a product may keep some people employed, but restoring infrastructure will give new work to those without jobs. The newly employed will be able to buy more than ever while providing real solutions for the country.

Bill O’Donnell

Eighty Four

Reason is preferable to alternatives


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