Greene County Habitat celebrates 56th house

December 27, 2012
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Greene County Habitat for Humanity celebrated the construction of its 56th home at a dedication ceremony Nov. 29 at 301 Second Street in Greensboro. New homeowners are six members of the Lippencott family.
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Members of the Lippencott family took possession of their new Habitat for Humanity home in Greensboro Nov. 29. Family members, form left, are Carol, Robert, Bobby, Ariel, Nathan and Carol Lynn; in the back back row are county Commissioners Chuck Morris and Pam Snyder.

WAYNESBURG – Greene County Habitat for Humanity celebrated the construction of its 56th home at a dedication ceremony Nov. 29 at 301 Second Street in Greensboro.

The new homeowners, Robert and Carol Lippencott and Carol Lynn Lippencott, thanked all those who worked so hard to help them reach this goal. In addition to purchasing the home, the Lippencotts have put in a significant amount of labor on the construction of the new split-entry house.

Carol Lynn Lippencott, who, along with her parents, Robert and Carol, her brother, Bobby, and his two kids, lives in the house, sent the following message to the Habitat board of directors:

“I remember being on my hands and knees a few years ago crying to God in the middle of the night, begging Him to give us a home that we could all live in. I was in utter despair, fed up and ready to run as far away as I could.

“I remember pleading to God during long walks in the cemetery to please provide a home that we could all live in. We applied for a Habitat house and were denied the first time. Again, despair and deep sadness.

“We applied the next year in one final attempt. Thirteen months later and many stressful moments later I am sitting in the house that I could only dream of owning. Made by hands of love and compassion. So grateful tonight, so thankful to Greene County Habitat for Humanity. Many blessings upon you!”

The town of Greensboro was at one time a bustling center of local industry. But now residents say this is the first newly constructed house the town has seen in the last 45 years. The construction began in late 2011 on a lot donated to Habitat by the Greene County commissioners and was completed through a partnership with Westminster Presbyterian Church, Carmichaels Area Lions Club, Nathanael Greene Society, Doug Hughes Contracting, Fayette Institute, CONSOL/CNX and Duke Energy.

In addition, work groups from Fordham University, Ohio State University, Simmons College (Boston, Mass.), Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church, Center Presbyterian Church in McMurray, Bridgewater Presbyterian Church, Jefferson Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church of Waynesburg, First Baptist Church of Waynesburg and New Jersey-PA Partners visited the project to help with construction.

The Habitat for Humanity Student Chapter and Bonner students from Waynesburg University, as well as administration, faculty and general student body also put in a considerable amount of volunteer hours.

After explaining that the Lippencotts had performed the required sweat equity hours working on their home and the homes of others as a requirement for becoming Habitat homeowners, the family was presented with the key to their new home and a Bible.

The presentation was made by Kirk and Amanda Williams, who one month earlier moved into their newly renovated Habitat home in West Waynesburg.

Through donations of money and materials and volunteer labor, Greene County Habitat for Humanity was able to build the home and sell it at an affordable price. The Lippencott family is purchasing the home with a no-profit loan, and their monthly mortgage payments will be used to build more Habitat houses.

Keith Davin, executive director of Habitat, said, “We are really grateful to everyone who has helped us be able to come here to Greensboro and build this home. I am quite impressed with the community in this beautiful river town, and I hope the Lippencotts enjoy living here for many, many years to come.”

Greene County Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry and has built 56 homes since 1984.

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