Court cases

December 28, 2012

Numerous people recently appeared in Washington County Court on criminal charges. Appearing before Judge Katherine B. Emery were:

Cara L. Andrews, 22, of 179 McAdam Ave., Washington; disorderly conduct; charged Oct. 30, 2011, in the parking lot of Billy’s Bar in Canton Township; sentence – 12 months of probation.

John L. Lesneski, 22, of 365 Reese Road, Washington; first DUI offense, driving with a suspended license; charged March 27 following a traffic stop on West Wylie Avenue in Canton Township with 0.154 percent blood-alcohol content; sentence – 48 hours to 6 months in jail, $700 in fines, drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment, driver’s license suspension.

Elvy R. Hull, 28, of 15 Coal St., Dunlevy; disorderly conduct; charged Sept. 3 at Myford Bar in Charleroi; sentence – 2 to 12 months in jail.

Bruce E. Gaito, 39, of 137 Scott Ave., Washington; simple assault; charged Jan. 24 at his home; sentence – 6 to 18 months in jail.

Appearing before Judge Janet Moschetta Bell were:

Clifford Ross, 60, of 490 E. Hallam Ave., Washington; indecent assault; charged Jan. 5 for assaulting a woman at his home; sentence – 6 to 23 months in jail.

Melissa L. Hayges, 39, of 1003 Third St., Charleroi; two counts of retail theft; charged June 18, 2011, at the Giant Eagle in South Strabane Township, and for stealing items from Gabriel Brothers in South Strabane in 2010 and 2011; sentence – 18 months of probation.

Four people were admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for first offenders. If they successfully complete the program, they can petition the court ho have their record expunged.

Meredith J. Golna, 21, of 375 Locust Ave., Apt. 1, Washington, was admitted for 12 months for theft. She was charged for stealing $449 in cash while employed at Cibo Pizza at The Meadows Casino in August.

Nunzio J. Domenick, 54, of 722 Lewis Ave., Charleroi, was admitted for 12 months for accidents involving damage. He was charged Sept. 22 following a hit-and-run accident on East Beau Street in South Strabane Township.

Jaclyn N. Fuchick, 34, of 815 Woodlawn Ave., West Brownsville, was admitted for 12 months for theft. She was charged July 20 for stealing money from a Charleroi man.

John A. Bower, 36, of 1126 Old National Pike, Fredericktown, was admitted for 6 months for accidents involving damage. He was charged Sept. 23 following a hit-and-run accident on Barney’s Run Road in Centerville.



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