Use the road salt

December 30, 2012

OK guys, you had plenty of warning. Maybe too much Christmas cheer? I am talking about the unsafe road conditions on Wednesday.

I, as well as many other people, travel to Dialysis Clinic by way of Washington Rides. God bless these people who risk their lives to get us there safely and on time. They know dialysis is our lifeline; we have to be there. The only plow and salt truck were those going past the clinic. We didn’t pass one coming through Canonsburg or Houston. The hill at Moninger Heights was horrible. About two hours after I got home, a salt truck appeared. People acted like they had never seen snow before. Some were driving like it was a day in July instead of December.

I have an excellent driver and feel safe riding with him. But snow and ice can play nasty tricks. How much warning do you need? I heard we had a lot of road salt because we used very little last year. We could have used some of it Wednesday.

Linda Wachtler


Use the road salt


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