Stop the analysis

December 30, 2012

As tragic as the school shooting was in Connecticut, we need to stop analyzing the situation.

The news media came on early that day wanting to be the first to report the shootings. Here was the problem – they got everything wrong, with the exception that children were shot in a school.

Now all of the professors of science and mental health, politicians, preachers and teachers come out to tell us what went wrong. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing every excuse they come up with.

The fact is very simple, and it is not all about gun control. I own guns, but I don’t think about going out and killing someone. I do truly believe that the military-type guns and large clips should not be sold or allowed to be owned by anyone, even me, in this country. If we are permitted to own these types of weapons, then build a guarded and locked armory to keep them locked away. Do you believe this is going to stop people from killing other people with smaller guns? I guarantee you it will not. If you’re a young man who wants to use this type of weapon, join our military services.

I don’t know if the state of Connecticut has mental hospitals, but here in Pennsylvania, we closed all or most of ours. I believe they closed them to cut costs. Where did they place these unstable people? They placed them in our neighborhoods. I’m not saying that every person in these homes is capable of going out and killing someone, but some are, and they need to be locked up in secure and protected housing.

I do not believe that video games cause people to go out and kill either. People who kill are going to do so with or without guns. What about people who stab people with knives? Should we outlaw knives in our homes? Every one of us knows at least one person or has seen someone who loses their temper at the drop of a hat. You may even be that person. People like this are also capable of killing someone, but they may not have meant to do so. They just lost control of themselves.

Our society has changed, and it is not for the better. People are under a lot of stress because of bad marriages, money at home, loss of jobs, taxes, their own kids out of control, and so on. How can we fix this? I wish I had an answer for that one, I’d be rich.

Some say put an armed guard in our schools, I can go along with that, but this is not going to stop a deranged person from killing someone, but it may slow them down. The guard may even be able to kill the intruder before he kills our kids. I don’t want to see our teachers carrying guns; they are not trained for this. We should allow trained armed officers in malls and anywhere in a large public place to help protect us. I don’t believe that this is the answer to all of our problems, but it is a start.

I know that we can’t turn back the clock. The only thing left for us to do is watch out for yourself, stop protecting bad kids, bad neighbors and family members who are dangerous to all of us. For those of us who still believe in God, pray. For those who don’t believe in God, you’re on your own.

Albert Perts


Don’t take guns away

Guns? Safety? Reality?

Here’s the reality: When anything, and I mean anything bad happens and you have to call the police, what’s the response time? Many people wait at least an hour, sometimes hours, before an officer shows up to investigate. Do you realize what can happen in that amount of time? There are too few vigilant policemen to cover way too much area.

And if you take away the right to bear arms by law-abiding people, then all you have done is arm law-breaking criminals.

As for mentally disturbed individuals, then there should be something more focused on what should be done to protect society from them, period. Taking guns from the greater majority of law-abiding Americans is an act of utter stupidity as our country’s forefathers always knew. I would feel unsafe in a society where people are so naive and far out in left field to think otherwise.

Nikki A.C. Sheppick


Use the road salt

OK guys, you had plenty of warning. Maybe too much Christmas cheer? I am talking about the unsafe road conditions on Wednesday.

I, as well as many other people, travel to Dialysis Clinic by way of Washington Rides. God bless these people who risk their lives to get us there safely and on time. They know dialysis is our lifeline; we have to be there. The only plow and salt truck were those going past the clinic. We didn’t pass one coming through Canonsburg or Houston. The hill at Moninger Heights was horrible. About two hours after I got home, a salt truck appeared. People acted like they had never seen snow before. Some were driving like it was a day in July instead of December.

I have an excellent driver and feel safe riding with him. But snow and ice can play nasty tricks. How much warning do you need? I heard we had a lot of road salt because we used very little last year. We could have used some of it Wednesday.

Linda Wachtler



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