Don’t take guns away

December 30, 2012

Guns? Safety? Reality?

Here’s the reality: When anything, and I mean anything bad happens and you have to call the police, what’s the response time? Many people wait at least an hour, sometimes hours, before an officer shows up to investigate. Do you realize what can happen in that amount of time? There are too few vigilant policemen to cover way too much area.

And if you take away the right to bear arms by law-abiding people, then all you have done is arm law-breaking criminals.

As for mentally disturbed individuals, then there should be something more focused on what should be done to protect society from them, period. Taking guns from the greater majority of law-abiding Americans is an act of utter stupidity as our country’s forefathers always knew. I would feel unsafe in a society where people are so naive and far out in left field to think otherwise.

Nikki A.C. Sheppick


Don’t take guns away


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