Commissioners to reorganize

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WAYNESBURG – Greene County commissioners today are expected to approve an agreement with a company that will provide online services for dog owners to either obtain or renew licenses.

Although won’t be up and running for another month, Treasurer Cory Grandel said once it is, dog owners can go online and obtain or renew licenses without having to physically come to the treasurer’s office.

“We still will be selling licenses at the office but if someone is out of town on vacation or if the weather is bad, this system will provide them with an alternative,” he said.

The new system will have no annual fee or start-up costs to the county, Grandel said.

Presently, dog licenses cost $8.45 or a male or female and $6.45 for a neutered male or spayed female.

The commissioners also will hold their annual reorganization meeting, electing a chairman, vice chairman and secretary.

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