Let’s look at congressional perks

Let’s look at congressional perks

January 2, 2013

Congress has talked a lot about entitlements: Social Security and Medicare. Well, it’s time Congress talked about cutting their own entitlements and perks. Congress gets...

1. A generous salary – approximately $174,900 for only 126 days of work

2. A generous pension

3. Social Security

4. Health benefits

5. Official office expenses, including staff, franking privileges and travel expenses

6. Permissible outside earned income

7. Life insurance

8. Office space in Washington, D.C. and in the state or district they represent

9. Furniture and furnishings for state offices

10. Airport and airplane amenities

11. Free everyday services such as flowers, dry cleaning, barbershop, dining rooms, gym and tennis courts

When I worked, no one did my paper work or typing. No one bought my computer, printer or ink cartridges. I paid for flowers if I wanted them on my desk. I also paid for my own lunches and cost to join a gym. When I retired, I lost my life insurance. Maybe it’s time for Congress to get real, cut their perks and learn how the middle class lives.

Mary Ellen Egbert



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