Deer visits North Strabane townhouse

January 5, 2013

An 81-year-old woman had an uninvited guest at her home in the 200 block of Queens Court this afternoon when a young doe jumped through the living room window of her townhouse.

North Strabane Township police Sgt. Dave Richards said the deer narrowly missed knocking over the Christmas tree, but did scatter a few bulbs. Once inside, the deer ran through the house leaving a trail of blood.

When the elderly woman went to open the door for police, she did not realize the deer was standing off to the side. Police directed her to hide in a bedroom. Police opened the door. After a few minutes, Richard said the doe poke her head around the door. Realizing she could get out, the doe darted out the front door and ran in the direction of Weavertown Road.

Richards said a deer also broke a window at another townhouse in the development, but heavy blinds blocked it from entering.



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