Educational system is a problem

January 5, 2013

ndolezza Rice was the only one during the 2012 presidential election to even mention a major problem with our educational system. Paraphrased, you can tell what kind of education someone has merely by looking at their ZIP code.

The U.S. does one of the worst jobs among industrialized nations of educating lower-income students. Our immigrants, as a group, receive a horrendous education in the U.S. There are countries with much larger populations of immigrants and they do a far better job of educating them than we do. The same is true when you break it down by economic class. The U.S. spends more on education per capita than any other country on the planet. Where do we rate in test scores? I can’t fathom simply blindly throwing money at the problem will help. It has not so far. The increase in college costs has far outpaced even health care (which is terrible).

If you don’t think our educational system is your problem, I suggest you take a basic economics course. Public education was given birth by the concept that it would be a great equalizer – Ha!

Judy Hollick


Educational system is a problem


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