3 percent raises for many Washington County employees

January 7, 2013

Some Washington County employees will find their paychecks a tad fatter after the commissioners, at their annual salary board meeting today, granted 3 percent raises.

Those scheduled to receive a raise include elected officials and salaried employees.

The commissioners’ salaries, formerly a base pay of $76,385, will be going up to $78,676. Chairman Larry Maggi’s salary of $77,385 will be going up to $79,706.

The full-time salary of most row officers, set at $71,402 last year, will now be $73,544.

But there are a slew of workers not included in the action because their union contracts expired at the end of 2012.

Excluded from the raise are employees who continue to work under the terms of their former contracts: Service Employees International 668, SEIU Healthcare, Court-Appointed and Court-Related Local 668, the Pennsylvania Social Services Union Local 668, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees District Council 84, and Teamsters Local 249, which includes assistant district attorneys and assistant public defenders.

The county has a negotiation session scheduled for Wednesday with the SEIU, said Scott Fergus, Washington County director of administration.

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