Commissioners make good on bet with Beaver Co. board

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The Washington County commissioners were dining on crow Thursday, but in doing so, others may enjoy a tastier meal.

The commissioners of Washington and Beaver counties entered into a friendly bet of a food bank donation riding on the outcome of the WPIAL Class AA football championship.

Because Washington High School lost the WPIAL championship to Aliquippa 34-7 Nov. 23 at Heinz Field, Washington County commissioners Larry Maggi and Harlan Shober journeyed Thursday morning to Beaver to pay up during the Beaver County commissioners’ meeting.

Marie Trossman, commission Vice Chairman Diana Irey Vaughan’s administrative assistant, said she was unable to attend because she was convalescing from a surgical procedure.

But all three commissioners contributed “from our personal funds,” Maggi emphasized, to a $100 donation for the Beaver County Salvation Army Food Bank.

Although they won the bet, the Beaver County commissioners reciprocated with an in-kind donation to the hungry in Washington County.

Once Maggi and Shober returned to Washington County, they fulfilled another requirement of the bet: flying a red, white and blue Beaver County flag in the Courthouse Square Plaza.

“Do I have to touch this?” Shober said with a sheepish smile as he and Maggi clipped the flag to the rope.

“Can you see Beaver County alright?” Shober asked.

“I’ll bet no one notices,” he added after he and Maggi hoisted the standard of the county located north of northwestern Washington County.

“It was two good football teams,” Maggi said. “Unfortunately, someone had to lose,” noting Salvation Army representatives were in Beaver to witness the donation, along with some representatives of the town of Aliquippa.

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