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January 11, 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill was blindsided by accusations about his drinking. Marcus confronted Justin about what really happened in Italy between Deacon and Bill. Dayzee recalled a conversation with Marcus that shed light on Hope’s situation. Hope set out to confront a guilty party. Liam brought Steffy up to speed on Caroline, Rick and what happened at the hospital, and she asked Liam if their relationship had changed. Hope came clean to Liam about Bill’s sabotaging their wedding. Brooke was surprisingly understanding of Bill’s situation. Bill agreed to stop trying to control his son’s life - or so it appeared. Hope and Steffy argued over Liam. Rick apologized to Hope, who assured him she wouldn’t let him or anyone else come between her and Liam. Forrester Creations staffers preparated for a fashion challenge that would determine the next company president. Donna hinted to Pam she also wanted to be there for Eric.

Days of our Lives: Sami clashed with Kristen and Brady over their relationship. Brady finally said the words Kristen longed to hear. Marlena admitted to John she knew about Brady and Kristen’s affair. Kayla and Caroline got shocking news. Chloe showed up on Daniel’s doorstep and wouldn’t leave, even when he told her he was heading out with Jennifer, who wound up in the hospital after hurrying for the date. Cameron realized Nick couldn’t be the father of Gabi’s baby. Gabi’s doctor agreed to keep her secret – but was there an eavesdropper? Chloe confided in Nicole that she’d win Daniel back. Sami and Rafe got caught up in the romance of Gabi and Nick’s wedding. Will clashed with Nick. Sami tried to let EJ down but was interrupted. Chad had a surprise for bride-to-be Gabi. Nick objected when Gabi asked Will to be her child’s godfather. Chloe told Daniel she found a job that would allow her to stay in Salem. Kate confronted Chloe, who found an ally in her quest to win Daniel. Hope interrupted Sami and Rafe.

General Hospital: Johnny told Carly and Dante that Todd switched the babies. Dante arrested Johnny and Todd and put them in the same cell. Sonny mistook Connie for Kate and consoled her, but she was insulted by the mistake. Family and friends gathered to address Trey’s vegetative condition, which Connie refused to accept. Todd tried to smother Johnny in his sleep and later attempted to bargain with him for his freedom. Carly told Sam she was right about Todd. Ellie awakened from surgery and asked for Spinelli. McBain told Sam that Faison admitted to Jason’s shooting. Anna confirmed that Luke was right about Duke. Duke and Anna learned Robert might never come out of his coma. Sonny visited Connie in jail, offered to pay her bail and urged her to let Trey go, and she agreed. AJ secured Michael’s support in having Tracy removed as ELQ’s CEO. Connie plied AJ with drink. Britt and Patrick finally consummated their relationship. Connie struggled with Trey’s situation, turned to drink and kissed AJ just as Sonny walked in. Todd tried to bribe John into finding a way to get him out.

The Young and the Restless: Adam assured Chelsea they’d leave town once he got the Newman situation settled. Billy told Victoria he accepted Jack’s offer to work at Newman. Nick searched online for information on Dylan McAvoy. Avery helped Nick deal with red tape at the Underground.

Noah realized he forgot Cassie’s birthday. Alex confronted Adriana about taking the drug money, which she denied. Kevin told Chloe they needed to launder the stolen money, and she worried Alex knew about it. At the bar, Carmine and Lauren discussed Fen’s behavior over champagne. Nikki overheard Victor telling the investigator of his plans to expose Jack. Nikki later tried to tell Victor that Jack’s situation was a private matter. Adam told Victor that Jack asked him to run Newman. Phyllis comforted Jack as his withdrawal symptoms worsened. Sharon told Adam she’d accept the job offer at Newman. Adam told Chelsea he couldn’t leave town because of a crisis at the office. Leslie reminded Neil how she felt about dating co-workers and later fantasized about him. When Tyler learned that Cane would be out of town and that Lily would be attending the opening of Nick’s club, he picked up a VIP pass.



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