Marriage licenses

January 12, 2013

Dec. 10

Caldwell, Donald of Charleroi and Lori Ellen Kendall of Charleroi

Geyer, Steve Christopher of Pittsburgh and Colleen Elizabeth Corbett of Burgettstown

Harris, Kenneth Donald of Daisytown and Nancy Lee Warnick of Daisytown

Herring, Joseph James of Washington and Christal Lashay Johnston of Washington

Phillips, Justin Michael of Claysville and Summer Dawn Wade of Claysville

Rush, Charles Albert of Avella and Catherine Anna Ambrose of Avella

Sirilla, Daniel Paul of Monongahela and Patricia Ann Povich of Monongahela

Dec. 13

Dabarno, Anthony Michael of Venetia and Soares Fernanda DeLima of Venetia

Leviere, Brooks Douglas of Canonsburg and Courtney Mae Grubich of Canonsburg

Dec. 14

Fry, Michael Thomas of Bellaire, Ohio, and Belinda Sue Baker of Bellaire, Ohio

Dec. 17

Cairl, Raymond Donald of Springboro, Ohio, and Melissa Lynne Rioux of Springboro, Ohio

Clinemand, William Robert of Charleroi and Stacey Lynn Perry of Charleroi

Johnson, James Weldon of Donora and Nicole Ann Manning of New Eagle

Keller, Thomas Gary of Canonsburg and Maria Katherine Dombrowski of Canonsburg

Kelley, Ryan Anthony of Pitcairn and Olivia Antoinette Rash of Pitcairn

Kennedy, John Robson of Bentleyville and Denise Ann Blackburn of Bentleyville

Patrick, Shawn Lewis of Washington and Lori Lee Desensi of Washington

Potanko, Joshua David of Pittsburgh and Lauren Christine Tomich of Pittsburgh

Samila, Mark John of Canonsburg and Regina Anne Slider of Canonsburg

Walters, Cleveland Stephenson of New Eagle and Victoria Elizabeth O’Toole of New Eagle

Yaworski, Bruce Alan of Claysville and Susan Lynne Shape of Claysville



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