No reason to ruin child

January 13, 2013

An article in the Wednesday edition of the Observer-Reporter reported on how a student was removed from Trinity East Elementary School after allegedly making a verbal threat against another student. The superintendent was quoted as saying, “Until I’m convinced that help is working, there is not going to be any readmission.” An evaluation also will determine whether the child can return to school or if another alternative education is found for him.

Seriously, a second grade student makes a verbal threat and may not be allowed to return to school? A slip of the tongue should not be a reason to ruin this child for life.

I hope that the Trinity administration and the parents who are making a big issue about this will think about the damage that is being done to the accused student. I also hope those who want to make an example of this child don’t find themselves in the same position with one of their own children someday.

Craig Burda


No reason to ruin child


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