Great idea, terrible location

January 14, 2013

Building a new YMCA is a great idea but the location is terrible. North Strabane Township seems like an ideal location, but what about the folks in the Washington region who have nowhere to go?

I’m tired of playing deck hockey outside and I’m sick of all the adolescents complain about how there is nothing to do in this town. By making this closer to Washington, we could help solve many problems. It could bring jobs to students from Washington, McGuffey and Trinity high schools, and maybe even from Fort Cherry and Avella high schools. This brings districts closer together, which creates more positive influences for students.

When I look at the location, I think we need to reinvest and make a statement by building this is the West End. If we reinvested back into the broken neighborhoods, maybe the environment that is plagued by drugs and other petty crimes would decrease. Social cohesion among small businesses, local politicians and, most importantly, the people living in those neighborhoods, would be high.

I would love to see a YMCA offer free tutoring to any student who needs help in their classes. Teachers from local school districts, could come in and help out. They could be paid by the hour or even use it as community service. And security must be put in place to reduce the risk of criminal activity.

Having the right people involved and gaining popular support could make this successful.

Frank D. Morris



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