The way we were

January 15, 2013

What is our world coming to? I know I am just an “old coot” and getting older by the day, but I can remember when people used to go to one another’s homes and sit and talk about everything from how our kids were to the political mess we were living in.

Now, when folks visit, each of them sit in separate corners and type stupid things on their “smart” phones. I bet Alexander Graham Bell rolls violently in his grave each time this occurs.

Whatever happened to talking and visiting? Or even talking on the phone? I guess because I don’t have a “smart” phone makes me pretty dumb. But I would love to have things as they were in the past, when you spoke to people, and didn’t “text” them. People in the future will be born with extra thumbs for texting and possibly no tongue at all.

I am almost glad my days on this earth are numbered. Technology has ruined life as it once was.

Terry Griffith


The way we were


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