No strong-arm tactics

January 17, 2013

Perry Township’s board of auditors met Jan. 8 for their annual reorganization meeting, where I and my two fellow auditors gave the township’s two roadmasters a $1-per-hour salary increase, or an approximately 5.5 percent increase. This is substantially more than most constituents received who pay their salaries. Social Security recipients only received a 1.7 percent increase.

The auditors also voted to allow 10 holidays, three sick days and two weeks vacation and an actual eight-hour work day, but rescinded birthdays observed as holidays, which they had for about five years.

To my amazement and disdain, I was approached Tuesday by the new chairman of the auditors and was told that the township secretary and supervisors demanded that we hold a special meeting Tuesday to reinstate the three-week vacation plan.

This demand is unethical, against the law and against the second-class township code. The auditors are required by law to meet once a year in January to reorganize and set compensation for the roadmasters the day following the supervisors’ reorganization meeting. Once the auditors make their decision and set the compensation, the supervisors are required to abide by those decisions.

As an elected auditor for Perry Township, I feel we should represent the taxpayers to the best of our ability and I will not bow down to strong-arm tactics or bullying.

Patricia A. Lemley

Mt. Morris

No strong-arm tactics


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