Free lunch is here

January 17, 2013

Amazing, isn’t it. This phrase portrays our economic times in America. I just listened to our president and this, in short, is what he said.

After all, what could top having one’s needs met and not having to pay for it? What could be better than to work less, or not at all, and be paid? As a nation to be less productive, with business squelched or driven away by regulation, trade deficits higher than ever and have no consequences?

The free lunch is here at last. This is truly the best of times that we live in. Having weathered a “fiscal cliff” now we can move – with the president’s encouragement – on to the debt ceiling.

“Our nation is not a deadbeat nation,” to quote Obama. “We pay our bills.” Headlines only speak of deadbeats like Greece and Spain, not us.

Do you pay your bills by borrowing 43 cents of each dollar paid? Do you enjoy easy living now to give hard times to your children? Do you continue to run up debt and false promises? If so, some might label you a deadbeat. A website will calculate your share of the national debt – relax, it’s only about $1 million, give or take a few hundred thousand.

We Americans are dizzy with the $16.5 trillion debt, and benumbed by the political rhetoric about it. We haven’t really averted the fiscal cliff, but have actually gone over it. Our comfort continues as we haven’t hit the ground yet.

Is there hope on the way down? Some states have balanced their budgets. How about ours? Voters must elect representatives who will do this, or face an ugly truth about ourselves that the president would deny.

John H. Miller



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