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January 18, 2013

Q. Will this be the last season of “CSI: NY”? – Mike Johnson, Bend, Ore.

A. It’s too early to know, at least at the point when this response is being written. The show is scheduled to have its ninth-season finale Feb. 22, which does seem a bit early. However, that isn’t necessarily an indicator that the crime drama won’t be back ... especially since two weeks earlier, a crossover episode will combine it with parent show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” It’s very unlikely CBS would make that move with a series it didn’t feel might still have life left in it.

Q. Since Larry Hagman has died, will J.R. Ewing be given a proper funeral on “Dallas”? – Carol Anderson, Glen Burnie, Md.

A. He will, the show’s producers have confirmed. Hagman had completed six episodes of the TNT revival’s second season, which begins running Jan. 28, and without any pre-emptions, that would take the series through early March. We would expect the funeral episode to be shown around that time.

Q. When I watch shows that take place in public settings, there almost always are extras in the background engaged in conversation. Do they actually have lines, or are they just pretending to talk? – Paul Baker, Barnesville, Ohio

A. We strongly suspect the direction given in virtually every case is along the lines of, “Look like you’re talking” – though if you’re a professional extra, you likely know that going in anyway.



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