Government should live within its means

January 19, 2013

There is a fundamental difference between households and businesses versus the federal government. The federal government feels that it can spend more money than it has coming in. Simply put, the question for every American right now is this: Do you think it would work out for you if every week you wrote a check for $140 when you only had $100 in the bank? That is what our government does every day.

The fact that the White House and the Senate have not proposed budgets for over three years is a dereliction of responsibility. Every American should be outraged that this is happening given the fact that the House of Representatives has made numerous bipartisan budget proposals that have been grounded in the Senate.

We should all demand that our government figure out a way to operate within its means. You can’t keep spending more than you have and borrowing to offset the difference. If you do that with your household budget or your business, it is a terminal practice. We all just got hit with a tax increase and our representatives are already spending it instead of reducing expenses. Soon they will be looking for more tax revenue and all working people will have less in their paychecks.

Bill Wilson


Government should live within its means


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