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January 20, 2013

Q. Now that Lisa Whelchel has been on “Survivor,” will other celebrities be included in future seasons? – Susan Powell, Fayetteville, N.C.

A. Time will tell. We can’t say that we haven’t joked a bit that we expect to see “Tootie” or “Natalie” in a future season of the CBS reality show – the next one begins Feb. 13 and was rumored to feature “Fans and Favorites” – but it should be pointed out that in Whelchel’s case, it was a somewhat special set of circumstances that ultimately landed her in the Philippines.

She had been a “superfan” (her own term) of the show from the start, and she freely admits she used every opportunity to campaign to be included as a contestant.

Q. Kendra Wilkinson’s show moved from E! to WE: Women’s Entertainment and had a very short run, and it has not come back. What’s the story on the disappearance? – William Finkes, Columbus, Ohio

A. The story is “patience.” As with many cable series, “Kendra on Top” had a shorter episode order than many broadcast network programs, and it was renewed for another season after those episodes ran last June and July. It will be back, but at this writing, WE had not yet specified exactly when.

Q. Someone told me that Angie Harmon was on “Baywatch.” Is that true? – Steve March, Reading

A. Rather than on “Baywatch” itself, she was a regular cast member on a detective-themed spinoff called “Baywatch Nights” in the mid-1990s. It took the characters originally played on the lifeguard and made them sleuthing partners.



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